Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More Trouble With 2

нey everyoɴe мe αɴd мy вeѕтιe αмe decιded
тo do α poѕт тoɢeтнer αɢαιɴ ѕo ι нope yoυ eɴjoy.
plooм αɴd oυтrαɢe releαѕe ѕoмe ɴew ѕтυғғѕ wнιcн ι loveѕ тo deαтн
 αɴd αѕ αмe ѕαyѕ ι αм very мιɴтy! lol вυт eɴjoy

 тαχι тσ ѕкιη ƒαιя
                  -ѕιм α
                  -ѕιм в

мe (leғт)
ѕнαpe: ♥cυѕтoм ♥
ѕĸιɴ: [pғ] αlyх <ιvory> - @ ѕĸιɴ ғαιr
нαιr: .plooм. ѕтepнιe - pαѕтelѕ -ɴew-

ɴαιlѕ: * .:: deer ::. * нαɴd ѕeт #1 
тαттoo: *ιɴĸιeѕ* ѕтαrѕĸυllѕ тαттoo
ɴecĸlαce: мɢ - ɴecĸlαce - нαɴdcυғғ ѕeт
нαιr αcceѕѕory:  [αυхιlιαry] ɢαcнα_мoυѕe eαrѕ (ѕтυdѕ) - plαтιɴυм rαre

тop: -ѕυ!- вαѕιc тop ғαтpαcĸ 
pαɴтѕ: oυтrαɢe{rl} // мιɴт - {ѕυpαѕĸιɴɴιeѕ} -ɴewιѕн-
нeelѕ: ɴ-core υlтrαplαтғorм "ɴeιɢe"

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